Facebook is the most powerful social media for advertisers, blog writers,internet marketers, brand and products to promote your business so easily and successfully. If you are a blogger, once you write an article on your blog/website, you must need to share the article to the social media like Facebook to get a huge traffic and facebook group is one of the best platform to do so. As Facebook has huge source of good traffic for your website/blog, you must need to drive them to your blog/website by sharing your post to the Facebook groups.But the fact is, if you try this sharing manually to your all facebook groups, it consumes lots of your valuable time. During this time, you can do another important work.

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Now, I’m going to tell you my personal method to share your thoughts in multiple Facebook groups at one (no need any script). By this method, you can share your any kind of post into your all Facebook groups those may be 10, 20, 30, 50, or even 100+ within just 10 seconds. Hope it will save your valuable time. Here the tricks to post in multiple facebook groups (no need any script or codes).

Auto Post to Multiple Facebook Groups

There are two steps for posting in all Facebook groups at once without scripts or codes.
1.Collect Email Address of Facebook Groups: It is not a easy task collecting email address of fb groups. It takes a time to do but you need this only for first time.
2. Post to All Facebook Groups: When you want to post in your facebook groups, you need to follow this process.

Collect Email Address of Facebook Groups

  • Firstly, you need to collect a list of username of your facebook groups where you try to share your posts.
  • Go to any facebook group by using any browser and collect the username of that group from browser bar url. As for example bNewTech facebook group’s username ‘iroigaks’.

If the url of your facebook group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/iroigaks/ , then username of that group is ‘iroigaks’.

1. Now join lots of facebook group and collect the username all of them.

2. Paste all the username into notepad or any other text editor.
Make the email address of all the facebook groups:

Username: iroigaks

Email: iroigaks@groups.facebook.com

1. Now you have a list of Facebook groups username and you have to create email address of all them. Don’t be panic, it’s so easy task.
2. Just add @groups.facebook.com after the usernames individually which looks like an email address.
3. Now separate all the username of all the fb groups by “,”.

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Post into Multiple Facebook Groups

  • Log in to your mail account which is used by you to create your facebook account or which is currently set as primary email address for your facebook account.
  • Now compose a mail option.
  • Paste all the email address collected into the BBC field.  Gmail for Auto posting on Multiple Facebook Groups
  • Now enter your post as text, image, link and/or whatever you want to post on your facebook groups.
  • Then click on send button and you’re done.
  • Now go to your Facebook and you will see, all the posts are created successfully.

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