Your Facebook post expresses your thoughts, emotions and life stories with others. But sometimes you may have to delete your Facebook Post for variously reasons. If you have accidentally posted something and wants it to get deleted, the information on this page will guide you on how to delete that particular Facebook post.

Whatever is your reason for wanting to delete a Facebook page — we are here to help. So lets get started!!!

Delete A Facebook Post On Browser

If you are reading this post on a personal computer, chances are that you are Facebooking on PC — follow these steps to delete a Facebook post.

Login to Facebook

Firstly, you have to be signed in to your Facebook account.

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Locate Facebook Post

Search or locate the specific post you wish to delete. Find this icon facebook drop down at the top right of your post.

Select “Delete” and Confirm Delete Option

Then you will get a drop-down menu under that icon. Click on the delete option from the menu.

delete facebook post


Confirm Delete

After clicking on delete Facebook post, you need to confirm that you really want to delete post.
Message will pop up in the form
“Are you sure you want to delete this?
If you didn’t create this post, we can help you secure your account.”
confirm delete facebook post

After the process, your selected Facebook post will disappear entirely from Facebook!

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Delete A Facebook Post On Mobile Device

Deleting a Facebook post is also possible on mobile devices… It’s almost the same procedure as used on PC.

Login Facebook Account

Now log into your Facebook account using Facebook Mobile Login process. If your Facebook account is already logged in, then you can proceed to the next step.

Access Facebook Profile

Next, you have to go to your Facebook profile from your FB homepage. Click on the menu icon.

Search for Post

Search to locate the intended post you want to get rid off via your Facebook profile, you have to go to the particular  post that you want to delete from your Facebook profile. If you have got that particular post, then click on facebook drop down. This icon is located at the top-right side of the post.

Delete and Confirm Delete Post

Then a menu will pop up. Now you have to click on the Delete option.

Confirm Post Deletion

Click on Delete option again. Then your Facebook post will get deleted from your Facebook profile permanently.


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Delete Facebook Post using App

Facebook provides an official mobile app for mobile users. With this mobile app, users can browse their Facebook, exchange messages with other users, post & share anything they want. Yes, you can delete Facebook post using the Facebook App. Follow the steps below:

Install Facebook App and Login

From here, open your Facebook App. If you don’t have the app, then you can download Facebook app from here: Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Store, Amazon Store.

If you want to save data, then, download Facebook Lite app.

Login to App

After that, you have to log into your Facebook account using the Facebook App. If you have already, then you don’t have to do it again. Now, you should get Facebook newsfeed of your Facebook account. Just click on the menu icon from your news feed.

Search and Locate Facebook post

Once you get to your personal FB profile page, you have to get the Facebook post that you want to remove from your Facebook account. If you have found the post, then you have to click on this icon facebook drop down that is located at the top-right corner of the post.

Delete and Confirm Delete Post

Scroll down a little bit and click on the Delete option. For the last time you have to tap/click on DELETE option, to confirm delete.

After that, you’re sure that your Facebook post will get deleted instantly!

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Conclusion on Deleting Facebook Post

Note that:

  • Your post will get deleted permanently.
  • You can’t delete other’s Facebook post but you can only hide their posts.
  • You won’t be able to delete any Facebook post that you have been tagged in.
  • Picture/videos and all comments and likes will also get deleted along with your post.
  • You can’t undo, restore or recover your deleted Facebook post ever.

Always think before posting anything on your Facebook. It will help you to get a healthier and better social life. Please help us to promote this article by sharing it with your friends. Thanks!!!

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