You knew what to watch out for when you were told by your doctor to eat healthy foods. Eating for a healthy heart meant you had to avoid the fatty cuts of meat and avoid foods that are high in cholesterol and salt. Surprisingly, within the past few years, studies have shown that dietary cholesterol, sodium and fat are not exactly what we thought they were; heart wreckers.

In fact, we may have been misguided about saturated fat and Jeff Volek, a professor of food science made a statement to solidify this claim. He said “Multiple recent reports find no association between dietary saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease.” In other words, swallowing saturated fat in form of food will not increase your blood level.

In the long run, what you eat matters a lot, so we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of foods that are bad for the heart.



Sugars contained in sodas increase inflammation and raise sugar levels in the blood which in turn puts more stress on your artery walls and increases your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Baked Dessert Goods:

Baked goods that contain table sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup, molasses and other sweeteners cause oxidative stress which eventually leads to clogged arteries, heart failure, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Refined Carbs:

Refined carbs also known as carbohydrate such as ketchup sauce, salad dressings are composed of sugar and additives which is not doing your heart any good.

Powdered Coffee Creams:

Powdered creamers are filled with trans fat which is unhealthy for your heart.


Basically, bacon is not a lean meat and sticking to lean meat will reduce the level of harmful gut bacteria.


Margarine is a source of unhealthy trans fatty acids which increases your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Hot Dogs:

Hot dogs, sausages and most deli cuts are heavily processed meats that are filled with additives like nitrates, phosphates, hydrocarbons, etc and it is wise to reduce your intake since it has not been scientifically proven which additive is to be blamed.

Others are:

Canned vegetables, tomato sauce, vegetable juice, frozen meals, cottage cheese, restaurant soups and beef jerky, because of their high salt-content.

Ice cream, frozen pies, fried chicken and biscuits, because the high level of cholesterol contained in them will clog your arteries.

Blended coffee, white rice, Chinese take-out and cinnamon rolls because they will damage your body’s glucose tolerance level, increase your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Potato chips, bouillon cubes, cheese, fruit juice, french fries, steak and pizza, because they encourage belly fat and obesity which has been linked to being one of the causes of cardiovascular diseases.


So, now that you know the foods to watch out for, do well to take great care of your health. Remember Cardiovascular diseases are not only associated with the elderly people anymore.

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