Spectranet Nigeria Login and how to login to your Spectranet Nigeria Self-Care Account.

Spectranet Nigeria is a 4G LTE broadband Internet service in Nigeria which offers cable and wireless broadband services to residential customers. They offer affordable data plans irrespective of your income & who you are – Student, Professional, Family & Business Enterprise.

Spectranet Nigeria provides fast, reliable and affordable broadband Internet services to homes and businesses. Service is currently available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt. Other states and cities will be added as their 4G LTE network rollout across Nigeria.

Spectranet has a self-care portal where customers can login to their Spectranet account by with their User ID and Password.

With the self-care portal, you can make payments, find details and any information about spectranet.

The self-care portal is https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng,

If you do not remember your password then click on the “Forgot Password” or “Retrieve Your Password” feature on the portal”

Spectranet Data Plans, How To Login and check your data Balance

Spectranet is currently one of the fast rising foremost internet data services company in Nigeria. They are one of the first to launch 4G LTE internet services in Nigeria.

With a fair and sizeable target market base and increasing customers, spectranet has introduced a service known as Spectranet selfcare.

Spectranet selfcare is a web portal that allows customers to; access their personal account information online, subscription details and usage, data balance and to pay for their subscription online anytime and anywhere conveniently.

Spectranet Data Plans

All Spectranet plans are Value Added Tax inclusive with 24 hours plan, night plan or 24/7  on a monthly basis. Below are some of their data plans to choose from the one that is best and suitably tailored to meet your need.

Plan                                                        cost                                          Data

Unified value                                            N5,000                                       7GB

Unified value                                            N7,000                                        15GB

You can as well visit www.spectranet.com.ng to see their other plans

How to login and check your Spectranet data balance


To login into your spectranet selfcare account, visit http://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng . When the web page opens, there is a space for your user id and password. Input your user id and password.

Note: At the point of purchase and issuance of  the spectranet device, you will be issued a user name and password which you will use to login to the selfcare portal. You can equally change your default password to what suits you when you log in.

To check your data balance, after logging in to the selfcare account which would take you to your dashboard. You will see your account information. Scroll down and you will find your spectranet data balance. It would be written in the format below:

24:42:33 (GB:MB:KB)

This actually means that you have 24GB, 42MB and 33KB data remaining.

From your spectranet selfcare dashboard, you can equally check your account information and other options.

Spectranet Nigeria Login

Spectranet Data Plans and Prices For Lagos & Abuja


Spectranet as one of the major Internet service provider in Nigeria has a lot affordable subscriptions plans and prices to choose from in Lagos and Abuja. With its LTE service, it makes it one of the fastest internet service provider in Nigeria.

Find the the various internet plans, the prices, access time and speed of the services provided by spectranet in Lagos and Abuja below.

To subscribe to any of the plans below you can do so by logging in to the Spectranet self care.

Plan Name Plan Cost Plan/Data Additional Bonus Validity Access
Unified Value 7GB N5,000 7GB Nil Monthly 24/7
Unified Value 15GB N7,000 15GB Nil Monthly 24/7
Unified Value 25GB N10,000 25GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24/7
Unified Value 55GB N20,000 55GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24/7
Unified Value 110GB N40,000 110GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24/7
 Unified Value 200GB N70,000 200GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24/7

Unified Nite Value Spectranet Data Plans June 2017.

These plans are usable from 7PM to 7AM and validity period is also 30 days. During weekends and public holidays, it can be used anytime (day and night).

  • 20GB for N7500 Naira: Validity period is 30 days and usable between 7PM-7AM. You get 20GB for N7,500 Naira.
  • 40GB for N11,000 Naira: This plan is valid for 30 days and also usable between 7PM-7AM. Gives 40GB for N11,000 Naira.


Data Roll Over

Unused data are automatically rolled over from a previous month to the next provided you renew your current plan or migrate to upper plan before it expires.

Method Of Payment

Spectranet has different methods of payment, you can pay both online and offline. Navigate to spectranet.com.ng/billpayment.html for full payment details.

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