NECO RESULTS 2017/2018 will be made available through the official NECO result checker portal which is located at

The following details will help you access your NECO 2017 results without paying any consultation fee to third party NECO exams result checker.

This is the most recent NECO news as regarding the 2017/2018 NECO results for June/July. Hence, it is advisable to read and understand every single details.
In other to see your National Examination Council of Nigeria (NECO) result, you will have to follow a step by step instruction which is fairly easy.
Mind you, quit searching for how to check NECO results without scratch cards because there is no such thing as checking NECO exams results without scratch card.
Besides, why would you bother yourself about scratch cards of about 450 Naira or approximately 550 Naira.
Can you compare that meager amount with the worth of your NECO results?
The instruction is to get scratch card and insert the pin and serial number of the card into appropriate text boxes on portal. Once, you have finish inserting the scratch cards and serial number, hit on submit button and wait for NECO 2017 results to display on the next page.
Scroll down to see the step by step guide on how to check NECO result 2017/18.
Better still, if you want me to help you check your result, put your name, phone number and email on the comment box below.
To check myneccoexams result, kindly follow these simple steps above. You can also email or print your result if you wish to.

NECO Scratch Cards are available in all NECO offices and other retail outlets

NECO Result Checker – How To Check 2017 NECO Results

1.     Select year Examination Type
2.     Select year of examination
3.     Enter your card PIN number
4.     Enter your Examination Number
5.     Click on “Check My Result” button

Wait for NECO 2017/2018 result to display.
Wishing you a successful result.

You can now print out your result by clicking on the Print Icon on the NECO website page or use your keyboard by pressing Ctrl+P.Select your printer connected to your computer and click OK. (Your reult will be printed)

NECO News – NECO Result Checker for 2017/2018 NECO SSCE Result

When will our NECO result 2017/2018 come out?

This is the question that so many  NECO candidates who just finished writing the NECO examination for 2017/2018 has been askin us.

Here the good news and best answer you can get…

Your NECO result will be out latest September.

Additionally, take note that there is no way you can check your NECO result without your examination number or center number because without it, the computer will not recognize you candidate-ship.

It will be nice if you are careful of the placements of these two important numbers. Having said that, candidates who are seeking for their NECO withheld results should also understand that we are not NECO officials and as such we cannot help anyone to release his/her result.

If you can, visit NECO office and perhaps, they could help sought out your issue officially.


My NECO RESULT – Caution

2017 NECO Official result UPDATES: Do not listen to any adverts, posts, comments, SMS or whatever that is asking you to pay to upgrade your NECO result or even release you withheld NECO result. Non of these people is associated to the National Examination Council and anyone transacting business with them is doing so at his/her own risk.

NECO Result Scam Caution Repeat

Please be careful of those promising to upgrade your  because they are fake and out to extort money from gullible NECO candidates. No one has the power or right to upgrade NECO result after it has been marked and submitted unless in a situation where the candidate question his/her result and ask for a remark. Remarking is NOT upgrading please take note. A word is enough for the wise.


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