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multi-level-marketingFrom its humble beginnings, multi-level marketing has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Once considered to be no more than a pyramid scheme, this industry has evolved into one consisting of reputable companies with shares bought and sold on the New York Stock Exchange. There is a lot more to multi-level marketing than what initially meets the eye. Whether you’re new to multi-level marketing, or you’ve been working in the industry for decades, here are 5 things you may not know about these types of business opportunities.

1. The average full-time multi-level marketer earns more than $55,000 a year.

To some, it may seem unlikely that a multi-level marketing representative could actually earn enough money in a year to be comparable with what the average person makes working a regular nine to five job. For many representatives, however, this type of income is a reality. It’s all about building your team and making sales—when you hit your stride, you can easily make a livable income with your multi-level marketing business.

2. As of 2015, there are more than 20 million people selling for multi-level marketing companies.

Twenty million people is a lot—numbers like these it’s clear that multi-level marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, or some kind of scam that doesn’t deliver. The multi-level marketing industry has continued to grow steadily over the years since its inception in the 1930s, and at the rate it’s going, shows no signs of slowing down. With the use of social media, more people all around the world have the opportunity to hear about these amazing business opportunities, and are jumping at the chance to find financial freedom from their business endeavors.

3. The network marketing industry has become a $100 billion industry.

There are several multi-level marketing companies that have secured a spot among some of the top companies around the globe. Yielding billions of dollars, it’s clear that not only are representatives doing well for themselves financially, but also that the products they’re selling are high quality and worth purchasing. Gaining the notoriety on these prestigious platforms makes a bold statement that multi-level marketing is legit and around for the long haul.

4. More than half of the multi-level marketing industry is comprised of people between 35- and 54-years-old, and are predominantly women.

While multi-level marketing companies are comprised of representatives from all demographics, women in their mid 30s to mid 50s make up more than half of the workforce. Why is this? By their mid 30s, many women are moms looking for a way to stay home, but still contribute money to the household—multi-level marketing offers them the freedom to do just that. It’s also interesting to note that multi-level marketing is becoming popular among retirees looking for a way to continue making money after retirement, but still have the freedom to travel, and not be tied down to a traditional nine to five job.

5. The first multi-level marketing company was Nutrilite, and was started in the 1930s.

Nutrilite (formerly known as California Vitamin Company) is still around today, and continues to do quite well for itself. This company is an excellent example of a product that stands the test of time, and is able to continue appealing to consumers over the years. Who would have thought in those early days of multi-level marketing, where sales were made door-to-door, that the industry would evolve into to what it is today, being worth upwards of $100 billion.

Are You Surprised?

With so much negativity regarding the multi-level marketing industry, it may be surprising to hear how lucrative this industry has become. Companies like Amway, and Avon paved the way for newer companies like ASEA to continue on with the strong multi-level marketing tradition, and continue to benefit people all over the world looking for a great career building their own business.

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