this-week-on-smallbizchat200pxhOne of the really special things about Twitter for me, is the weekly interview show I have hosted for the last seven years #Smallbizchat. Every Wednesday from 8-9pm Eastern Time, I have the honor to talk with some of the most brilliant and successful small business experts in the country. We have even hosted experts from Canada, UK, Africa and Australia. Alongside my amazing co-host Dianna Geairn, The Irreverent Sales Girl, we have had the privilege to interview Online Marketing Guru Ryan Deiss, Sales Expert Barbara Weaver Smith, Small Business Expert Barry Moltz, Ecommerce Expert John Lawson, Sales Cardiologist Che Brown, Social Media Expert Jennifer Abenethy, Professional side hustler Roshell Rinkins, and  Finance Expert Dawn Fotopulos.

Here are my favorite interviews from 2016:

How to Become the Ultimate Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss

How To Land Big Deals for Your Small Business with Barbara Weaver Smith

How to Start, Run and Grow an Ecommerce Store with John Lawson

How To Get Your Small Business Unstuck via Barry Moltz

How to Transform Your Small Business with Your Social Media Program with Jennifer Abernethy

How To Build A 7-Figure Sales Team For Your Small Business with Che Brown

How To Get Control Of The Numbers In Your Small Business with Dawn Fotopulos

The 5-9 Startup: Launching A Business While Working Your Day Job with Roshell Rinkins

Savor these pearls of wisdom from these business experts, they are all brilliant and generous, and I am grateful they shared with me their secrets to success.

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