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internet-search-engineAs 2017 arrives, the new type of marketing finally has taken over the top spot in ad spending, digital media. Traditionally, TV ad spending has been the type of marketing companies have focused on the most. The future of ad spending has digital media on top and that trend will continue to make gains well into 2020.

While TV advertising is not going away anytime soon, it has not been as effective and useful to companies as digital media. Broadcast TV viewership has also decreased with the advent of additional media viewing options, such as streaming and internet programming. Companies that are looking for new ways to engage their customers and encourage them to take action have found digital media to be the best way to get more from their advertising dollars. Instead of the traditional passive experiences with customer engagement from TV or other types of advertisements, digital media advertising allows for customer interaction and engagement.

With that understanding about how digital marketing works, expect to see even more ad spending in all sectors in the next few years. At the forefront of this advertising spending will be mobile forms of advertising, which is expected to grow much more beyond its current share in all types of ad spending.

The Rise of Social Media

One of the top forms of digital media advertising encompasses the social media experience. Today, many marketing professionals have embraced the unique advertising opportunities that come with social media. And social media advertising is expected to continue to make gains along with all types of digital media advertising.

Marketing professionals like social media because of how many users multitask with social media while engaged in other activities. This allows TV shows and other forms of media to get even more exposure as viewers interact with each other about the content. Advertisers like social media as well because it gives them unique opportunities to interact with their audience. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram bring users and organizations together with communication.

Social media marketing will not just make gains, but it will also evolve. Instead of passive banner ads on platforms or sponsored posts, look for more organic user generated content. More friends and family members will be talking about specific companies to their contacts, allowing businesses to spread the word and increase customer engagement.

Mobile App Marketing

Another form of digital marketing that will also see growth in the next few years is mobile device marketing and app development. As more people around the world begin using smartphones in their everyday lives, mobile advertising will be one of the best ways to reach a large number of potential customers. Apps, specifically, seem to be leading the way in increasing customer engagement.

Through app development, companies can offer users and customers a unique experience that can sometimes be better than what is found on the web. This creates more opportunities for profitability and marketing share increases. Content sharing and other capabilities will be more likely with app developments in the future.

Traditional forms of mobile app advertising, like in-app ads, may start to go away. Instead, businesses may start to focus on more complex functions in ads, like location mapping of users and real-time e-commerce functionality to help grow their brand’s recognition and increase their transactions.

Live Streaming and Instant Messaging

Another new trend in digital marketing that is increasing in usage and effectiveness is live streaming video. With the release of Facebook Live, more users and brands are seeing how effective this form of advertising is. Companies may also begin to experiment with instant messaging technology in their advertising methods as well.

Live streaming video allows companies to connect with their customers in a totally new way. This method of communication gives a company a way to announce new products in an exciting platform, interact with an audience in real-time and bring unique content to potential users or customers. In the future, more companies may begin to try out this method of marketing to put their business in a new light.

Online forms of instant messaging have exploded in popularity in recent years. Many apps have been developed that connect users with each other in real-time. Now, advertising companies and marketers are looking for ways that they can get in on the massive popularity that instant messaging is experiencing. Companies can integrate their apps into common instant messaging platforms to expand their business potential.

Storytelling and Unique Content

Storytelling and unique content are also expected to grow in the future when it comes to digital marketing potential. Long gone are the days where bland content with specific keywords is able to help customers find a company and connect with them. Now, users and search engines demand content be unique and compelling.

That’s where storytelling comes into play. Successful marketing today involves crafting a unique narrative that users can digest and engage with. This approach may become more standard in the future as advertising could veer away from the usual heavy-handed method and become more subtle.

Personalization for Users

With digital media advertising, the biggest potential that comes with it is personalization. Technology is making personalization finally possible and giving users a unique and customized experience. Data from smartphones, GPS location software and social media trends are giving companies a massive amount of information about their potential customers. Successful brands may look to take advantage of this data to anticipate users’ needs.

The future of advertising and marketing lies in the newest technologies and innovations in digital media. Companies today can benefit from these unique and effective forms of reaching people.

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Cody Jensen began his career with the corporate giant, Google Inc. He has been in Search Engine Marketing ever since and has a specific acumen for paid advertising. As the Founder of Searchbloom, Cody leads the strategy and execution of providing world class digital marketing to small businesses across the country.

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